To help you avoid any Drupal Gardens website development issues and to potentially improve website performance, use the best practices described on this page as you develop the look of your websites.

After you finish developing your website and publish it for your site visitors, your job isn't done. You'll likely continue to update your website, including creating new or updated themes. As you develop your themes, you can view them with your website's current content, without actually switching your website to the non-completed theme.

Getting started with Drupal Gardens

You can configure the administrative back-end of your website to use the look and feel of either the standard administrative theme or your website's current theme.

To configure your website's administrative interface, including whether or not to use overlays and which theme to use for display, go to Configuration > Administration theme and overlay.

Administration theme and overlay page

The Drupal Gardens ThemeBuilder is a set of tools that lets you customize your website's theme right in the browser. It provides a graphical user interface to edit or select themes, as well as opportunities to use custom CSS for your website.

Drupal Gardens includes several different themes to style your website. These themes contain several regions that are displayed above and below each page's content and sidebars.

The Site information page contains several top-level settings that you can configure, which controls how your website is displayed to site visitors and search engines.

Changing site information settings

To change your website's settings:

The ThemeBuilder Advanced tab contains subtabs that let you add CSS styling to your website theme, and find and undo any changes that you've made to your theme using the tools on the Styles tab.

Using the ThemeBuilder, you can control the colors used by your website, from a single displayed element to the default colors used by a theme.

You can select specific colors for use with elements of your website. You can also choose from several pre-configured palettes of colors to provide you a selection of complementary colors.

Changing page element colors

To change the color of an element on your website:

There are thousands of fonts offered by third-party vendors that you can use with your Drupal Gardens website. Your website can display fonts from the following vendors:

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