Adding a google map to my Contact Us page

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March 24, 2011

Good Morning from sunny 6 degrees C York UK :-)

Whilst i know the about us page has a google map automatically available i want to add a google map to my Contact page. My question is please -
"How do you enable the contact us page to embed a google map"
I understand how to do it but just need to know how to switch it on with a page that does not offer it.

Here is the page i want to add a google map to:

Here is a screen grab with an arrow pointing to where i'd like the map:

A guess i'm looking to configure what the contact page automatically offers.

Thanks in advance,

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George Cassie March 24, 2011

Hi David,

Since the contact form isn't content, a slightly different approach is needed.

  • Grab your map embed code from Google.
  • Visit Structure > Blocks and click + Add block .
  • Switch the block body format to Full HTML, then click over to the HTML tab and paste in your embed code.
  • In the Region settings, place the block into the Page content on your default theme.
  • In Pages, set it to only display on contact and save.
  • You may have to position the block under your Main page content, as well.

That should do it.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

support132 April 20, 2012

Awesome thanks!

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