After exporting a site, where is the install new module functionality

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October 19, 2010

Hello everybody,

Belgians in trouble here. :)

I've exported my site to my own hosting provider.  No problem with creating the database and running the site.

So, now i have a full functional drupal 7 website.  There's a small problem with probably an easy answer.

In the "modules" screen, i can't find the install new module link.  How can i activate this.

I've tried to install the views module the old fashion way.  The permissions are set, everything is enabled, but the views module does not

show in the structure.  Only the exported simpleviews is showing.

Is there a solution.


Thanks guys,


jeannie.finks October 19, 2010


In non-Gardens Drupal installations, new modules are downloaded and installed manually to your Drupal's modules directory the old-fashioned way, and per the usual, enabled through the site building page; an "install new module" link does not exist.

Regarding your views question, take a look at this views-related export thread in our forums:

Using the SimpleViews module that came with your export would work but at the moment, the complete scope of using Views 3 has not been fully explored and is currently not supported with your Gardens export.

Hope this information helps!

Regards, Jeannie | Gardens Advisory Team

jbrauer August 5, 2011

To have the install new modules link appear you will need to enable the "Update Manager" module which should appear near the bottom of the initial "Core" section on the Modules page.

I'll add a feature request to consider enabling the module automatically at the time the export is completed.

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