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December 3, 2011

From reading the forums, it seems only one account can be the "true owner" of a site. By true owner I mean have the site listed in "My sites" and be able to access the payment interface and manage the domains.

A site builder might want to keep access to the site manager of his site in order to maintain domains, while granting access to his client who takes care of the payments. Take the following scenario. Mr. SiteBuilder creates a free site on DG. His client likes the site and wants to go ahead and link his domain to the brand new DG site. As I understand it, Mr. SiteBuild has to ask his client to first create a DG account. Mr. SiteBuilder will then perform a site transfer to his client who will do the upgrade to a paid DG plan. It's only after purchase of a DG plan that it becomes possible to setup the domains. Mr SiteBuilder could ask his client do set up his own domains in DG, but the client might not be very tech savvy, or not have time for this. Really, that's the type of operation Mr. SiteBuilder would like to do. So the client has to do a site transfer back to Mr. SiteBuilder. Am I missing something here? Is there a simpler way of allowing a client to pay for his site while keeping access to the site manager?

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aaron.pacheco January 20, 2012

Hi scor,

Great question, and you make a very good point. At this time, there is no way to add multiple owners to a site because, for a vast majority of our paid sites, the person who "owns" the site is also the one who pays for it. In most of the remaining cases where one person pays for the site and a different person maintains it, the person who pays for the site owns it, and the person who maintains it is a member of the site with either the "Site Maintainer" or "Administrator" roles.

I hope this answers your question!


Aaron "Checo" Pacheco
Gardens Advisory Team

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