Building a Partner Ecosystem for Gardens

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Submitted by Bryan House on September 19, 2011 - 9:00am

One of the most frequent questions we’ve received since we launched Drupal Gardens has been - “where can I find someone to build a Drupal Gardens site for me?”  Now, we have an answer.

I am excited to announce the launch of the Drupal Gardens Partner Directory. The directory connects prospective site owners with site designers and builders who are proficient with the Drupal Gardens platform. The objective is simple - to make it easy to find talented, experienced firms to build Gardens sites.

Joining the Drupal Gardens Partner Directory is quick and easy. Anyone who has created a Drupal Gardens site can go to the Partner Signup form and submit their profile for inclusion. We have included filters for location, project size, skills, and industries served to quickly help site owners find a partner who is the best match for their project. Additionally, we have made it easy for partners to submit multiple work samples, with screenshots, directly to their profile to showcase some of the great work they have done for clients large and small.

In addition to promoting your firm and its services, Drupal Gardens Partners will get early, beta access to new capabilities in the platform from both the Gardens engineering team and future technology partners.

The Drupal Gardens Partner program is separate from the Acquia Partner Program and there’s no fee to join. A firm can participate in both programs or choose one or the other, based on the type of project work they do.  More information is available in the partner program FAQs.

Whether you are an individual building small sites for clients or an established Drupal web development firm looking to add a new offering to your services list, the Drupal Gardens Partner program will help you find new clients and projects. And because Drupal Gardens is an OpenSaaS platform, you and your clients have the freedom to export an entire Gardens site, code and database, at any time to extend and grow, like any other Drupal website.

To ask a question or provide feedback on the program, please submit a question in the Services forum on


Livingston April 17, 2012 - 7:01am

I really like the idea of this service, I hope it will be useful to hundereds of grateful customers, wish you luck with that and would like to be updated on how everything is going.


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