Child menus missing until parent menu clicked

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April 29, 2011


Some of my child menus are not being indicated with arrows or appearing when the top menu is first opened; they only become visible when the parent sub item is clicked; they then seem to vanish again once another menu item is clicked.

For instance, from the home page, locate the <Directory> top menu item. Sub menu items that I created a while ago, such as <security> & <transport>, do indicate that they have child menus and then child menus can be seen when the parent is hovered over.

However, other items in the <Directory> menu that I have added child menus to recently don't appear to display their child menus until the parent has been clicked once; for instance, <education & learning>, <local businesses & services> & <refuse & recycling> have child menus.

Could you please take a look and help me resolve this?

Many thanks!


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amye April 29, 2011


I'm looking at your site in Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome, and the menus (both parent and child) all seem to be working on hover, without clicking. Can you give me more information about where this is showing up? A screenshot would be welcome.

-- amye 

Client Advisor | Acquia

ingenium April 29, 2011

Hello Amye,

Thanks for your reply; I'm seeing this issue in  FF 3.6.16, IE8 & Chrome on Windows and Safari on OSX.

I have put up a gallery on the site called "child menus problem" so that you can see the issue.

(untitled1) & (untitled2) show recent menus which should show a child menu on hover but don't, with (untitled4) & (untitled5) showing those menus appear once the parent menus have been clicked once and you go back and hover over the parent menu item again. Note that the mouse isn't included in my screen captures, but that you can tell that the menu is on hover, because of the background change!

(untitled3) shows an old menu item and child which always works as intended.

Does that help explain?

Thank you for your help! Look forward to hearing from you!


amye April 29, 2011


Thanks for the screenshots, I've got a clear view of what we're looking at. 

Here are some things that might solve this:

1) Taking a look at your menu structure under Home > Administration > Structure to make sure that children are in the right place. Sometimes, just saving that menu can resolve tweaky bugs (like this.) 

2) It might also be worth clearing your cache. That's at Home > Administration > Configuration > Development > Performance. 



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ingenium May 2, 2011

Hi Amye,

Thanks for your input but some child menus are still not working as intended.

I have done what you suggested and I have also removed and recreated child & parent menus, to no avail.

Could you let me know how to get this resolved?

Thank you!


George Cassie May 2, 2011

Hi Nick,

The newer items need to have their "show as expanded" option enabled for their children to appear at all times. You can do this by selecting "list links" from the gear menu that appears when you hover over the navigation, then editing the link, checking that box, and saving.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

ingenium May 2, 2011

Thank you George; much appreciated!

quinoa July 7, 2011

i'm having a similar problem and "show as expanded" is checked.

My child menus appear when the main menu item's page is diplsayed ("Sales"), but when I navigate to another main menu item, the child menu in the previous item disappears.

Site (with child menus showing on "Sales" that disappear if clicking on another menu item):

My other child menu ("The Goods") seems to stay put just fine.

Furhter to the above, both child menus seem to play a bit of tag when I rollover the parent and try to move my pointer down.  It often takes 3-5 tries to the get the child menu to stay put so I can click on an item! 



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