Drupal Gardens adds AJAX 'Show more' pagers, and streamlines site log in & sign up

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Submitted by Chris Brookins on November 5, 2011 - 9:31pm

It's the details that matter. This Drupal Gardens release includes two important refinements that will benefit every website. First, any of your site listings or mashups created with Views can now take advantage of a new smooth-loading pager that can show more items without a page load. Use it on any View including blog rolls, lists of images or users, and custom content, such as record albums. Using this feature will help keep your visitors engaged longer, and give your site a modern feel. Second, we have streamlined site log in and sign up, in order to more easily attract and retain members to your site. We hope you enjoy these improvements as much as we enjoyed building them!

Drupal Gardens was updated on 11/4/2011 with the following new features and enhancements:

  • Show more items in a View without loading a new page

    With the addition of the ‘Show more’ pager option, you can configure your views so that visitors can click a ‘Show more’ link to smoothly see additional items using AJAX, i.e., without loading a new page. Click the video below for a demonstration.

    To configure a view on your site with a ‘Show more’ pager, see Refine and enhance views.

  • Streamlined site Log in and Sign up
    The single ‘Login or Register’ link has been replaced with separate ‘Log in’ and ‘Sign up’ links, making it easier for your visitors to engage as site members. Clicking the appropriate link also displays improved Log in or Sign up forms.
  • DG_login_new_0.png

  • For a complete list of what's new, including updates to Drupal core, modules and bug fixes, see the release notes