Drupal Gardens adds content tokens, forum access control, and improved image editing

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Submitted by Chris Brookins on March 13, 2012 - 9:55am

This sprint the Drupal Gardens team added several enhancements for both Drupal Gardens site builders and content creators. Site builders can now restrict sensitive or valuable forum topics to privileged users, like can already be done for most other content. In addition, content creators now have the ability to create dynamic and personalized content using tokens, and also have a simpler user interface for cropping, rotating and resizing images. Drupal Gardens' support for content tokens was made possible thanks to the awesome community maintainers behind the Token Filter module. And of course our UI improvements to were donated back to the Media Crop project on drupal.org. Enjoy!

  • Create personalized and dynamic content using tokens

    Add tokens to any content making it personalized and dynamic based on the logged-in user, current date, site details, and more. For example, you could insert the token [current-user:name] in a blog post and when the blog post is displayed, the name of the logged-in user would appear within the blog post. To add tokens, you must enable them on your site. Learn more

  • Easier image editing and control over image styles

    It is now easier to rotate, crop, and scale images in the WYSIWYG editor, making it even faster to get your pictures looking the way you want. After you enable the module, click the icons below your image to start editing. You can also choose if you want to combine your image edits with an existing image style for more control of the final image. Learn more

  • Improved image handling

    Drupal Gardens has added the imagemagick toolkit for faster image processing.

  • Control access to forum topics

    For Professional subscription plans or higher, Drupal Gardens has added fine-grained access control to forum topics. Now you can define access control rules describing which users (by role) can view, edit, or delete a forum topic. Role indicators can also be applied to forum topics to highlight which topics are restricted.

    For example, you may want to allow all site visitors to discuss topics on current events, but only allow users with the Editor role to discuss topics related to improvements on your website. Learn more

  • Updated the following module: