Drupal Gardens adds five star ratings, FF5 and IE9 support, and more!

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Submitted by Chris Brookins on July 12, 2011 - 10:06pm

The Drupal Gardens service was recently updated with the following new features:

  • Added Fivestar widgets to easily rate content
    Based on the popular Fivestar module, you have the flexbility to:
    • Choose one of 9 different Fivestar widget styles for your site including stars, hearts, and flames. See the screenshot below.
    • Add Fivestar widgets to any existing content type, such as blogs or any custom content type you define (for example, restaurant reviews). 
    • Add any number of rating categories you define such as quality, price, or service.
    • Show Fivestar widgets in Drupal Views to allow users to rate items in a list, as well as see a list of items and their associated ratings.
  • Delete themes that you no longer need
    This can be especially useful when preparing your site to be transferred to a client or duplicated.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 and 5 are now supported
    The current versions of these browsers are now supported in all of Drupal Gardens, including the ThemeBuilder.
  • Improved the ThemeBuilder user-experience
    Based on feedback from our usability tests, we improved the ThemeBuilder by:
    • Making it easier to differentiate between viewing a draft of your theme and viewing the published version.
    • Showing saved themes by default and moving the selection of new themes into a pop-up window.