Drupal Gardens adds Webform email notifications, ThemeBuilder enhancements and more

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Submitted by Chris Brookins on April 17, 2011 - 8:22pm

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on 4/8/2011 with the following new features and bug fixes.  


  • Receive e-mail notifications every time a webform is submitted
  • Enhanced the ThemeBuilder including:
    • Find themes you previously saved.  After saving a theme, if you select Themes > My Themes, your theme's thumbnail is now updated to reflect exactly how your theme appears. 
    • Easier site background styling, without needing to turn on Power Theming. Just click the background of your site and start styling.
    • Improved ThemeBuilder performance while loading.
    • Uniquely style any content type. For example, all webforms could be styled with a certain font. 
    • Uniquely style any individual piece of content.  For example, a single page could be styled with a certain background color. 
  • Updated several Drupal modules including ViewsMedia GalleryMultiformStylesPluploadXML Sitemap, and Site Verification
  • Enhanced Views UI by rewording several Views menus, and changing the look and feel of the gears that appear in the View's preview results to match the rest of Drupal Gardens.
  • See a billing history of your Drupal Gardens invoices.  
  • Receive e-mail notification if visitors encounter your site's subscriptions limits.  If a visitor performs an action on your Drupal Gardens site that exceeds one of the site's subscription plan's limits (# of members, disk space, webform submissions, etc.) you will receive a notification e-mail explaining which limit was exceeded.   You can then decide if you want to upgrade the subscription to raise the site's limits.  For example, if a visitor tries to join a site on the Basic plan that already has five members, or tries to upload a file when disk space limits have been exceeded, you will be notified.  
  • Resolved several customer reported problems


For a complete list of every change and instructions on how to use the new features, see the Important Announcements post.