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March 4, 2010

I'd like to see an event calendar implemented as soon as feasible. It should allow both "monthly" and "daily" views... Click or hover on a day, see all the event information. It would be really good to have the option for a 2-column view where 1 column shows the month visually and the right column shows the month's list of events, this reduces clicking. Thank you, Tom

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Linea March 4, 2010
Thanks for the feedback. A calendar feature is on our roadmap for a future version of Gardens. We're tracking this as AN-7503. The requirements you sent is really helpful. Feel free to add a link to a calendar that you think is a good example of what you want. thanks
fayrehale March 6, 2010
However in MODx I plan to try to create a dual view -- visual month view and a list view -- of events. I personally dislike multiple clicks to see an event...IMNSHO even one click is too many! LOL :) SharePoint has kind of a nice calendar interface but the 'shorthand' views in the month view are too limited... Doesn't Drupal have event calendar modules?? Thank you, Tom
Chris Brookins March 6, 2010
http://drupal.org/project/calendar http://drupal.org/project/event Maybe others too - both still need porting to Drupal 7 and have dependencies that are not ready yet

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

scotsally April 7, 2010
Having just started playing with DG today, I can see that the main thing stopping me from making the leap at the moment is the lack of a good calendar module. And it has to be said for a free tool, the Ning calendar module is pretty good, right out of the box. It has a feed, that orders upcoming events in the correct order (regardless of what order they were added) and it also allows people to export specific events to iCal and other common formats. Also there's other good features too, like the ability to invite people, and an RSVP feature that can be enabled/or disabled. The only thing I think that could improve on that module is a feature to make it easier to import events from other calendars too - e.g. google, iCal, Outlook etc. It's important to give people display options - lists, monthly, weekly etc. But this has already been covered by previous posters.
Linea April 7, 2010
For the feedback and details about the features you want to see. We'll add your suggestions to our requirements list. This feature is tracked as AN-7503
techczech May 3, 2010
Ideally, a calendar should come with preconfigured 'Upcoming events' block as in the old Events module but with the flexibility of the Calendar/Views combination.


Dominik Lukes


Now Town April 20, 2010
Ditto on the calendar. Any good community site needs a calendar. This is one area where DG can surpass Wordpress.com and Ning.
heatherjames May 3, 2010
Thanks @techczech and Now town, added your comments to the story.

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

emerygjr May 15, 2010
An integration of date and calendar or some alternative which delivers this functionality is critical on most of our sites. Without this we cannot implement DG on most of our sites.

Emery Gordon emery@wiredmoon.com

heatherjames May 17, 2010
Thank you, Emery, I've added your comments to the story for this feature. #AN-7503

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

BarryWeber1 May 21, 2010

I have the same requirement and have been thinking of temporarily embedding a Google calendar iframe until this functionality is available.



estiens May 22, 2010

just another vote for the event module. This is the prime reason, at the moment, that we will be looking to export to a standard d7 installation

alberstein October 25, 2010

Put me down for yes. We totally need an Date/Calendar/Upcoming Events module.

rayfleming June 8, 2010

Calendars and events are critical to my own plans for the future.

the sooner this can be added the better 

George Cassie June 8, 2010

Hi all,

I've updated the request for events and calendars with your voices. It is still on the roadmap.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

glynclarke June 14, 2010

dbpr.webmaster June 16, 2010

I may need to scrap our plans to use DG if a simple calendar can't be implemented soon:(

westbywest June 26, 2010

I have just exported a DG site to my own webhost successfully.

This has allowed me to install & enable the current D7 versions of the views, jquery, date, and calendar modules to get the events calendar, although entirely outside the Drupal Gardens platform (and unfortunately outside the themebuilder).

While acknowledging that everything mentioned in this response involves beta code, including Drupal core, the one nagging problem I encounted was that I had to disable the two SimpleViews modules because of an apparent incompatibility it has with the current dev version of Views 3.

That is, enabling the views module while the simpleviews module was still enabled would generate a mysterious "call to undefined function db_fetch_array()" PHP error.

Thankfully, this wasn't a show-stopper, since I was still ultimately able to get an events calendar into my DG-generated site, but it is a bit esoteric.  In particular, it looks like DG is using a D7 version of of the SimpleViews module that is not yet available on its project page on Drupal.org, so I'm uncertain where to file an issue report.


decibel.places July 19, 2010

I also have a calendar requirement and will have to export the DG site if unable to create a Drupal calendar

~ decibel.places on Drupal Gardens, d.o. etc
heatherjames July 24, 2010

Thanks, DBPR and decibel.places- I have added your comments to the related issue. This is certainly a priority.

Westbywest, I have added your issue to get this the attention of the engieering team #AN-17829

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

heatherjames July 26, 2010

Hello Westbywest,

I have been told "At present we do support views 3 and exported gardens sites. But the page should work on export using simpleviews"

So stick with Simple views for now, I guess.

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

estiens July 26, 2010

Hi Heather:

Should that read "At present we do NOT support views 3.."?


heatherjames July 27, 2010

*double take*

Wow, I misread the email. Thanks for spotting that.

Hm... I will contact the engineer. I have a suspicion, he made the error, but I read it correctly by inference. I wil find out.

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

heatherjames July 27, 2010

LOL, turns out I read through the typo and got the correct meaning. It's like we're using ESP.

So finally, to answer your question: "we do NOT support views3 only simpleviews.  so on export the simpleview stuff should work but we make no claim at all regarding the compatibility/functionality with views3"

Views3 is constantly under development. At this stage you might find it more stable to use Simple Views until Views3 is ready/supported.



Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

Jaharmi July 27, 2010

I would also add my voice to this request.

Drupal Gardens looks like it would be ideal for a small organization I’m working with — especially from the standpoint of having a turnkey Drupal install that is kept updated — but the lack of the following are leading us to a different hosting provider:

  • Events content type
  • Browsable events calendar
  • Upcoming events block, with ability to customize (to display a subset of events by taxonomy, for example)
  • Published iCalendar feed for the full events calendar or a subset of events, with ability to publish more than one feed so those interested can get just the events they want (by taxonomy, for example)
jferst July 27, 2010

Yeah, this it something in the way of a truely functional site.

loweryb July 29, 2010

An events calendar is a big deal here, too. We use a calendar to communicate our recommended monthly marketing plan to our franchisees. Having a basic events calendar is great, but in an ideal world:

1. I would create a "master calendar" populated with our marketing recommendations for the month.

2. Each franchisee would see that calendar when they log in to the site. They could then customize it with their own events. This customized version of the calendar would be accessible only to that user.

loweryb July 29, 2010

An events calendar is a big deal here, too. We use a calendar to communicate our recommended monthly marketing plan to our franchisees. Having a basic events calendar is great, but in an ideal world:

1. I would create a "master calendar" populated with our marketing recommendations for the month.

2. Each franchisee would see that calendar when they log in to the site. They could then customize it with their own events. This customized version of the calendar would be accessible only to that user.

ganckal August 6, 2010

also add my voice for events and calendar modules.

loweryb is right, aggregated calendars with permission filters is a functionnality taht would make our organization go for DruplaGarden.

heatherjames August 7, 2010

Thanks all for your votes for this much desired feature. I've added your notes to #AN-7503.

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

hadi August 8, 2010

any idea when this feature will implement?

heatherjames August 9, 2010

I don't have a timeline for this feature. It will require a few more essential modules to be ported to Drupal 7. Namely, Date API and related modules.

See Linea's post about the current roadmap's top issues:


Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

adam_b September 3, 2010

Subscribe... my client requires an events calendar.

Icarus October 12, 2010

Count us as yet another group that can't consider DG due to the lack of calendar/event features.  It's also imperative that such a module provide the capability of creating recurring events.

DG also does not support SubGroups so it's far way off from working for our group, but even with the presence of SubGroups, the lack of Calendar/Events would make it a no-go for us.

estiens October 12, 2010

There was significant change made to the way core handles things and confusion around datetime types, see 


So I am assuming this is part of the holdup. You can view the status of the Date module here



I am assuming we will have access to calendar features around the same time anyone using D7 does :)

Linea October 13, 2010

Hi Estiens,

Thanks for the links. We've been tracking these changes, too.

storello October 13, 2010

Please add me to the request for an event calendar.  The core of my site is a central calendar that will need a fairly extensive list of features and could, once in production, have hundreds of users adding and editing their events.  I could supply a complete requirement/wishes list if that would be useful.  

I am considering using Trumba and embedding an iframe connection in a static page.  This should work, but I'd prefer to have all my data hosted by Acquia.  Please let me know if you have any ideas to keep everything at Acquia.

George Cassie October 19, 2010

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments. I've added them to the date/calendar project, which is still being tracked as #AN-7503.

@storello - We've seen a few people using similar, embedded solutions for calendars until there's a native Drupal Gardens offering, and it seems to work fairly well. We are working, of course, to provide the native offering you'd prefer to see.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

elliotk October 19, 2010

Being able to present a listing of events and event types in a visual Calendar is my most requested new feature for DG. 

e.g., I would like to have a Calendar where site visitors could filter events by type (Event Type All, Event type A, Event type B, Event Type C, etc.) and visually display the events by different views such as month, week, day, and by different display format such as a table or a list.

Thanks, Elliot

jlocke October 21, 2010

The Calendar and Date modules are both designed to work with Views.  I understand the concern that Views could cause problems in the DG enviorment.   Would it be possible to have a run only version of Views3 that could have some preconfigured Views to display various calendar outputs?

Thanks, Jeff

Linea October 22, 2010

We're working on getting Views into Drupal Gardens (with an easier-to-use front end) and we'll also be adding the date field. You'll have those features to use first to create event listings. After that, we'll work on a more full-featured event calendar next year. Please keep sending me examples of how you want to use a calendar - the more specific the better (eg. Elliot's request to let users filter events). It really helps when we start designing he calendar feature.  Thanks!

Linea Rowe
Drupal Gardens Product Manager

estiens October 22, 2010

- Subscribe to calendar via RSS or email

- Subscribe to ICS format

- Intuitive handling of timezones

- Repeating events [by number, ie 25th of every day, and day, ie; 3rd monday of every month, or every other Tuesday, etc]

Event permissions or group-based event views [logged in users see private and public events]

Standard Calendar View/List View settings

Ability to style through theme editor

Would be nice if you could create an event and click a box from within the event creation window that said "promote to front page" or something similar and it would add the event to the calendar and also post the details of that event on the front page and/or be able to automatically show the next XX days of events on the front page [easy enough to set up with a views filter, but if DG was going to create their own modification of the calendar module and set it up to work with simpleviews, this would be a useful feature to have]

graceten October 23, 2010

I would love to see all the functionality Estiens and Elliot suggest.  For the near term I would be very pleased to have the following...

  • Ability to add a DATE field to an "Event"content type
  • A calendar that could display "Event" content type as a page and/or a block
  • Ability to use a tag in the content type to to control what Events display on a particular calendar
  • Add the ability to sort and display  "Event" lists based on the DATE field, in addition to a tag

The capability to publish or unpublish content based on date would be fantastic.  I understand this might require another module separate from Calendar/Date function.

Thanks, Jeff Locke

Linea October 23, 2010

Thanks for the ideas and feedback. I'm using it to create a prioritized list of features for the calendar. I'll run it by you when it's ready to share.

Linea Rowe
Drupal Gardens Product Manager

krisvannest October 24, 2010

+1 subscribe

We'd also appreciate features as suggested above, although we're mostly in need of a basic event content type and/or date field-- not sure of the major differences between full event and just adding support for a date field, from which we could integrate into a custom content type (as Event), but at the very least a date field type would be great.

As far as look and feel/features example, we'd love to have something like used at one or local community newspapers. In particular, how they have the "Save to Your Calendar" export options for Google, iCal, etc, and also the integrated maps feature (since most events take place at a location). I'm also not sure how much of that example calendar are built into their actual "event" content type (looks liek they're using WP?), but the general idea of Save This export so our site members could easily export to their own calendars would be great. Not a do-or-die feature, but I know from personal use that on-line calendars can be much more useful to the end-user if they're able to be exported into a personal calendar.

Thx KV

krisvannest October 24, 2010

BTW I tried to include the example calendar link to our community paper, but DG SPam filter seemed to reject without saying why? 

Linea October 26, 2010


We're planning on adding the date field and Views support first. This would give you the ability to create chronological lists of events. A full event calendar feature will come later. This will be a more full-featured calendar that lets you display events in monthly/weekly/daily calendars and has other calendar features.

Linea Rowe
Drupal Gardens Product Manager

zblace October 26, 2010

Any examples of good use of Google Calendar code inside DG?

estiens October 26, 2010


Unfortunately, without being able to install something like RestyleGC (http://www.restylegc.com/) you are pretty limited to what you can do, basically just embedding the calendar and making the minor tweaks that google allows you to make

for example, we have an agenda view calendar embedded in our sidebar and a full-width calendar on its own page




If you wanted to get a bit trickier you could spit out the google calendar feed into something like feedburner and then go from your feedburner feed into an aggregator block and then you could style the output a little easier. Might run into problems with recurring events though. You might have to use the "full" xml feed and not the "basic" feed. Maybe someone else is doing it? Maybe we will do it next week if we have a little bit of time.

zblace October 27, 2010

thank you very much for directions - it looks nice in your block as is, but I can imagine you would want it better for full page display. keep us posted on what you do with feedburner.

my website is for small community and for now display control is not huge priority if I can get functionality now and have DrupalGardens catch up with it in 2011

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