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January 29, 2010

SYMPTOM: Was modifying theme appearance (background) and hit Save. Then hit X. Result was theme now appears fairly unformatted or corrupt - see screenshot here . Notice also no login button. Curious after hitting 'Save' then 'X' it said there were unsaved items and do I want to save again. Did that loop a couple of times, then finally said OK. WORKAROUND: Logged in with q=user and changed theme to continue, but non-drupallers may not know this.

Status: Resolved


Chris Brookins January 29, 2010
Just curious what aspects of the background you were changing - did you upload a large image or just change color, etc? Once I get that info I'll enter a bug to track it. If you have steps to reproduce all the better! - Chris

Chris Brookins
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kathyh January 29, 2010
I had changed the background to a full image (no repeat), but that seemed to work fine. Was then working on changing the text colors to match. Seemed fine until the save and closing of the appearance menu when it refreshed itself to the unformatted state. the theme is 'kathyh' from site kathyh if you want to export to attach to the issue.
kathyh January 29, 2010
Symptom: Created another theme, logged out. Viewed site and smiled to myself. Logged in to site to make more changes and BOOM it went unformatted after it logged in. Bummer. Workaround: none. (well, I could create yet another theme, but this is the second one this has happened to, so user is not likely to try again). May export my site to see if I can see what's going on here.
kathyh January 29, 2010
Exported and looked at the theme dirs - they're missing a ton of files. Logs also indicate its looking for files that are no longer there. \sites\default\themes\mythemes\acq_kathyh \sites\default\themes\mythemes\acq_try_number_five Wondering if this is occurred on 'save' somehow.
Chris Brookins January 29, 2010
We are tracking this issue as AN-12632 and it is our top priority that we are working on a fix for now. We have seen one other occurrence of the issue - your extra info was very helpful and we are taking it very seriously. Thanks.

Chris Brookins
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Chris Brookins February 3, 2010
See post to the original issue.

Chris Brookins
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sarahmzim February 2, 2010
This happened to me as well when I was changing the layout of just the 'current' page. I clicked through the save changes cycle and poof to ugly. It sound like you already know of the bug but I thought more detail doesn't hurt.
Chris Brookins February 3, 2010
This was a core Drupal bug which we resolved yesterday and posted a fix last night. If it happens again, please let us know ASAP.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

bennash February 14, 2010
Yeah this has happened to me a few times now. I've had to start all over from scratch twice now. Not good. Same symptoms.
bennash February 16, 2010
and ideas here?
Chris Brookins February 17, 2010
We now prevent other operations from occurring during a Theme save - this should fix it - try again Thursday - if not fixed, let us know ASAP with steps to reproduce.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

DGxulu March 5, 2010
Hi, I also suffered by this problem ( theme corruption ). On 04/03/2010 , I wanted to change the region of "user menu" from "preheader" to "header" region , when I changed the region , and when I hit "Save" button , suddenly my theme "Corrupted" , broken.... I can't find what I did wrong in that , so this happened. I put round about 10 days on my theme , and last day my theme corrupted. It is very cutting... My site is : http://warpsite1.drupalgardens.com Please provide any idea for its SOLUTION. Thanks.
heatherjames March 5, 2010
Hello DGxulu, Just making note here that you started your own thread for this issue. Thank you, that helps us track each unique problem. http://www.drupalgardens.com/content/not-fixed-theme-corruption I'm linking it here for our support team members who manage the Bug Tracking. That must be frustrating. Perhaps we should recommend using the export feature to backup theme development. In any case, I hope we can find a resolution for you soon. ~ Heather

Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

DGxulu March 6, 2010

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