fora: Lines and paragraphs DO NOT break automatically in the replies/comments

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April 8, 2010

for some reasons paras autobreaking filter isn't applied to replies in these fora. so all paras stuck together. adding extra blank lines doesn't help. manual adding P tags doesn't work either.


cwaid April 8, 2010
Hi Options, The autobreaking filter does appear to be working in these forums, however, the comments are styled to have no margins on paragraphs.
I will put in a suggestion for this be changed to make for easier reading.
In the mean time, you can use the br tag to create as many line breaks as you would like.
Tracking as #AN-14579
Regards, Collin Waid Gardens Advisory Team

- Collin

options April 9, 2010
hi Collin, nice catch (P style)! guess, I should have looked into the source code before jumping to an assumption about autobreaking filter )
decibel.places May 4, 2010
I add the <br> tag to create a paragraph break (and although the forums doctype is XHTML strict, <br /> is converted to <br> anyway)
Paradoxically, if I use <br> and enter, a "paragraph" space is added above the next line - but if I use <br> and enter twice to add a blank line before the next paragraph, then the two paragraphs are abutted with a single line break.
Here is a screen shot:
~ decibel.places on Drupal Gardens, d.o. etc
ember June 29, 2010

I find the spacing pretty inconsistent (or I just haven't figured out the pattern yet) and hard to control. When I use the editor without rich-text editing (say copying and pasting), if I have any non-coded line breaks in my html code, then it adds line breaks.  If it's been mostly edited in the rich-text editor, and when I then turn off rich-text editing, it seems to remove all of the non-coded, automagically-added line breaks, which means that when I save the page, it loses the spacing it had--even though I changed nothing about the spacing myself.  Since there are two of us editing, this gets pretty bad at times and crazy stuff happens.  There doesn't seem to be a way to truly control what's going to happen. 

Maybe if you save the rich-format code with the line breaks and remove all the extra spacing, then editing without rich-text editing would work consistently?  Or, is there someway to turn off these automagic line breaks?  They've really flubbed up a lot of our pages and caused a lot of extra work. 

What I'd also like is to leave my html pretty for editing, but I know for performance, it's nice to remove all the extra spacing.  But, if it could be consistent and not change on me just because I got out of the rich-format editor, that would be fabulous!




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