How to create a view of a webform

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December 28, 2011

So, I have a page on my moving company's website where people can go in and fill out basic information to receive a moving quote. I would like to create a block to appear on the home page that is a shorter version of this webform. In other words, the block would only have entries for Name, phone number, email, and date of move. Then there would be a button at the bottom of the block that says Continue... and once the user presses this it would take them to the quote page to continue filling out the rest of the form. The page would already have the first few text boxes filled in with the information that the user entered into the block on the home page. I know this seems a bit complex but I was wondering if this is possible. Thanks in advance.

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stacywray December 29, 2011

Hi 2collegebrothers,

You can create a view of the webform submissions you receive, but you can't create a view of just the webform itself. The view, essentially, is the block display of the webform node.

If you go into your existing webform, you can select "Create a block" under the Advanced Settings. You can also choose "show complete form in teaser" which will show the entire webform in the block. If you don't check this block, only the title of the webform will show in the block and then selecting the title will link to the actual webform node with the entire form.

In your block configuration settings, you can specify the display node to show form only, full node, or teaser.

You can change the "Submit" button text to say "Continue", if you like, by editing the field label within the webform. If you want to create a new button, you can "Inspect Element" on the existing button and copy the code for the button below and alter the anchor reference (a href=) accordingly :

<a href="/admin/webform_alt_ui/submit_button_form" class="configure button">Continue</a>

For more information on creating webforms, please see our documentation on Using Webforms. You may also find our Using Views documentation helpful.

Hope this info is useful!


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

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