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October 5, 2010

Im now trying to import my export of  i was under the impression installing was just like installing acquia?  Whe i go to the install.php file i get nothing

it appears from a previous post that permissions have to be changed.  can you please tell us to what they need to be changed to?  and can we change them in cpanel or do we need to go via ssh?

it would help if you would post some examples

is there a reason this is happening? the permissions being so weird?


George Cassie October 5, 2010

Hi guz,

Installing an exported site is a bit different than starting from scratch. On your host, you should create a new database then import the .sql file which comes along with the exported archive. Update the settings.php file in /sites/default to use the credentials you set up during the creation of that database. You don't need to visit /install.php

Some people have have had troubles with the exported file permissions, which we're looking into - tracking internally as #AN-12627 . You'll probably want to set your site as a whole to 755 or 644, depending on how your host is set up. The settings.php should ideally be at 400, but that may not work in some hosting environments - you may need to use 600 or 644 . Exactly how you implement these changes (cpanel, ssh, or some other method) varies greatly by how your host is configured.

You may also need to visit /admin/config/media/file-system and add your files directory and temp directory. You might need to set these files directories to 777.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

guz843 October 16, 2010

Thanks very much!

George Cassie October 18, 2010

How's the import going, guz?

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

guz843 October 21, 2010

ok so now i am ready to try and do an import again.  i have previously done an export/import of the site some time ago and its here at

now how do i update the site content to match whats currently running on drupal gardens?  


George Cassie October 21, 2010

Hi guz,

Probably the simplest path is to remove the existing exported site and just re-install the new export. There's not a utility to merge in just the updates.

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

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