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August 17, 2011

I am looking to improve the look of the site I built.  Our church has a small budget I can use to pay a themer.  Please post here or use the Feedback (comments and suggestions) on the site.  Thanks

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Bram Vanroy (not verified) August 24, 2011

Hi there

Can you please give the link to your church's webpage? I'd rather take a look first and then start editing it! :)


You might also want to include some examples of how you want it to look :)

jalocke561 August 24, 2011

The site url is http://fumcbocaraton.org.  Please use the site Feedback link to contact me and select (comments and suggestions).

Thanks, Jeff

Dave Murphy August 26, 2011


I like your approach using a minimalist design for your site. I have a couple of suggestions. 

You have some redundant navigation that could be a bit confusing. For instance, there is link to FAQ's at the top of the page as well as in the About Our Church menu. Apart from possible confusion, I think it creates a bit of clutter that isn't necessary. 

Regarding the navigation... I'm curious why you didn't choose to have the menu items expand? It causes the user to make an extra click to get to the content they may be looking for. Another possible solution to your navigation is a mega drop down menu. You have a lot of info and that approach may help to better organize it. Here's a demo and live site of what I mean:


www.macworld.com <-- hover over reviews

Lastly, your front page doesn't use discs on the list items. Other pages on the site do use them. I prefer the look without them. I used the Web Developer tool from Chris Pederick to apply some different styling to your Men's Group page. Here's some before and afters:

Content - Before

Content - After

Footer - Before

Footer- After

These changes are subtle, but I think they balance what you have already created. 

Again, I like the minimalist approach and a great job of organizing a lot of content.

Best Regards,



jlocke August 27, 2011


Thanks for the suggestions.  Interesting you mention Drop Down menus, I have been considering changing to them.  When I initially built the site, Drop Down Menus were not available in Gardens.  I used the secondary menus as an alternative.

One of my goals with this site was to create an easy way for several (non website experienced) people to edit the site.  I wanted to limit people's editing access to specific content within their responibilty.  The approach I took was to create many content types and use views to display them.  That way I could use roles to limit access, since other access restrictions are not available in DG.  In the end it turned out to be a good way to manage large amounts of content.

I can see from your many helpful posts that you are an advanced Drupal guy.  I will contact you directly to discuss how you might be able to help us further.

Thanks, Jeff

Imagine Adminis... September 8, 2011


You suggested to Jeff that he use a mega menu on his site.  Do you know how to implement that in DrupalGardens?  That is exactly what we want on our site, but I understand that DG doesn't have that module yet.  This could be a deal breaker for us, unfortunately, but we love DG.  I just started developing our site:  http://imaginecolorado.drupalgardens.com/

I would appreciate any suggestions you have.


Dave Murphy September 8, 2011


To achieve a mega-menu, there are options to do it with either CSS or jQuery/CSS. Most of the current options I have seen use some jQuery. To use any custom javascript or jQuery code, you'll have to have to do a bit of work around to use it in DG. This is usually easiest to do by placing the code in the custom block you create. In this case, it's going to be a custom menu block.

Here's some sites that have some tutorials on how to build mega-menus. Many of them also give you the source code. You could download it, tweak it and then place it within your DG site. There's a lot of options with these menus. Take some time to think about what you need and look for the best option.

Mega-Menu 1

Mega-Menu 2

Mega-Menu 3

Mega-Menu 4



Imagine Adminis... September 11, 2011


Thank you so much for your kind advice and links.  I will get busy and start investigating the links.

Much appreciation,


TheWebSprite January 8, 2012

Hi, I'm quite new to DG and mooching the forums for the last few weeks. I'm picking up ideas I didn't even realise were possible. Thanks for the links Dave they really opened my eyes. 

samward November 27, 2012


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