May 26th Release - What's New!

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Chris Brookins
May 30, 2011

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on 5/25/2011 with the following new features and bug fixes:
  • Review or change any theme customizations   
    The ThemeBuilder's "Advanced" tab has been enhanced so you can now:
    • See a list of all the changes you made in the Styles tab, for example, font styling, color changes, and border styling.
    • Select any item you previously styled (for example, all h2s) and highlight it on your site. Once highlighted, you can click the Styles tab to further customize it.
    • Hide any single attribute, such as a color change, to see what your site looks like without that attribute, or show the attribute again. If you prefer to keep the attribute hidden, you can delete it.
    • Hide or show any group of attributes associated with the same CSS selector. For example, you can hide all changes made to h2s or show the changes.
    • Hide all the changes you made to your theme, which in effect will revert the theme to the one you originally selected.  Then you can show your theme changes one at a time to illustrate how you crafted your theme, or show them all at once.
    • Delete all attributes you may have previously hidden with one click. If you accidentally delete an item, click Undo.
    • See the video below to watch it in action!
  • Support for thousands of high-quality fonts from the Web Fonts service (by Monotype Imaging)
    You can access over three thousand free high-quality fonts or, for a small monthly fee, access the complete library of over ten thousand fonts. To paraphrase "From workhorse sans and serif text faces to eye-catching display designs to elegant script typefaces, Web Fonts offers a diverse range of styles to cover any design need and a selection of multilingual fonts to address over 40 major languages. With typefaces drawn from the renowned Monotype®, Linotype® and ITC® collections as well as other leading foundries, you'll find many of the most celebrated designs including Helvetica®, Frutiger®, Univers®, ITC Franklin Gothic™, ITC Avant Garde®, Rotis®, Neo® Sans and many others not available anywhere else."

    To add Web Fonts to your Drupal Gardens site:

    1. Enable the "Font management" module from the Modules page.  
    2. Click Configuration > "Font management" and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain and enter your free Web Fonts authentication key.
    3. Select the font families you want from the their web site. Open the ThemeBuilder and select an element in your theme.
    4. Select your font from the drop-down list of fonts. 
  • Expanded WYSIWYG support
    Now you can add formatted text and media using the WYSIWYG editor in the following locations: Gallery descriptions, the description text associated with images and embedded videos, the headers and footers for Views, and webform confirmation messages.
  • Simplified menu configuration
    Menu configuration is easier to do now that unnecessary controls have been eliminated, without sacrificing any functionality.
  • Improved Custom CSS support
    The ThemeBuilder's Custom CSS section (available from the Advanced tab) no longer spell checks code, and all custom colors and palettes are available from the new Color codes panel. To eliminate confusion, the ability to click colors and insert their hex codes has been removed.  To insert color hex codes, copy and paste them from the Color codes panel as needed.
  • Improved custom domain mapping
    Now you can map up to 5 custom domains to a single paid Drupal Gardens site without contacting technical support.
  • Improved code support in Drupal Gardens forums
    The new code button in the WYSIWYG editor of the Drupal Gardens forums makes it easier to discuss CSS and JavaScript questions.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • When you create a site with a contact page, the page doesn't always show you the Contact menu item until you clear the cache. AN-25628
    • Searching for some items on does not work correctly. AN-25876
    • On the Webform result pages, "Analysis" fields are not aligned. AN-25717
    • When you edit a Webform, the text format for "Formatted content" fields reverts to the default value. AN-24773
    • Reordering the first image on page two of a gallery changes the image that appears first on page one. AN-19799
    • When you preview changes to unpublished content, the text is poorly formatted and difficult to read. AN-18915

Status: Resolved

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