May 7th Release - What's new!

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Chris Brookins
May 15, 2011

The Drupal Gardens service was updated on 5/7/2011 with the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Publishing content, saving drafts, and promoting content is easier.
    • To add content, click the 'Publish' or 'Save draft' button at the bottom of the form.
    • To edit existing content, click the 'Save' or 'Unpublish' button.
    • To manage content promotion on your site, click 'Promotion settings' and select 'Promoted to front page' or 'Sticky at top of lists'.
  • New sites have helpful placeholder text that explains each piece of content and includes 'Learn more' links to related help topics. This replaces the previous use of 'lorem ipsum' placeholder text.
  • View free storage space by clicking Configuration > Reports > Status report and then scroll down to the 'Storage space used' row. 
  • Easily change your username the same way you change your password. Log in to and click the 'Hello {username}' link at the top of the page. Then click the Edit tab and enter a new username. 
  • Updated several Drupal modules including Views, Webform, Google analytics, HTMLPurifier, Media, and Rotating banner.
  • Added Help links to the Drupal Gardens 'gear' menus. Also, the Help link is more prominent in the administrative toolbar so you can access documentation, videos, and support.
  • Renamed the 'Site owner' role to 'Site maintainer' to clarify that this role is not related to the 'site owner', who is the only person who can manage billing and domains for a site. The site owner is also the initial creator of the site, unless the site owner has been transferred to another user
  • Fixed the following bugs
    • When using the WYSIWYG editor, clicking on "More information about text formats" displays the results in a pop-up window instead of navigating to a new page. AN-24276
    • The modules in exported Drupal Gardens sites don’t contain version information for the matching module on, which makes tracking updates from difficult. AN-23133
    • Clicking a gallery image in a block behaves differently than in a gallery page (doesn't display the image according to the gallery settings). AN-25172
    • Unable to purchase a subscription from the Philippines AN-25146
    • Opening and closing the ThemeBuilder in IE prompts for unsaved changes even if changes weren’t made. AN-25364
    • In the Drupal Gardens forums, the Get Help link doesn’t work correctly. AN-25321
    • If a failure occurs in the Drupal Gardens infrastructure, a cryptic error code appears. AN-25269
    • Not all of the text in the media gallery can be translated AN-24833

Status: Resolved

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