New Views tutorials 4 part intro

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July 11, 2011

If you're brand new to Views, this is a basic introduction to creating custom listings of content and using some advanced tools like "contextual filters" to make dynamic displays, such as a "related content" list.

Views 1 - Introduction

Learn to make custom listings of selected content in both full pages, and displaying in a sidebar. 

Views 2 - Glossary or archive

Learn to modify pre-built lists of content to quickly generate an alphabetical glossary or a dated archive. 

Views 3 - Related content

Views can make more than just content views. Learn to make lists of taxonomy terms. You can also see how to get a "related content" block depending on taxonomy terms, using "contextual filters". I also show you how to alter the output of each field. This screencast focuses on blocks.

Views 4 - Custom front page

With Views, you can customize what displays and how it displays on a page. In this screencast, we'll make a custom front page listing full posts and then liasting just tiltes using an "attachment" display. This screencast focuses on a page display. 

If you want to continue learning Views, check out this comprehensive screencasts series by Node One. 27 screencasts!

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Dave Murphy July 11, 2011


Good overview of Views. The last one, custom front page, you moved pretty quick through all of the options, so I 'll have to watch that one a few times to get all of it. 

Also, the video for Views 2 is not currently showing up.

Best regards,


heatherjames July 12, 2011

Hello Dave!

Thanks, i fixed the video:

The 4th is meant as a review, and the only added steps are the selectin fields, and adding an attachment. 

That is a good point though. I have a remit to make all the videos 5 mins or less... which is a really TOUGH challenge. 

The 4th clocks in at 4:58. Just squeezing in. Maybe I should have made it into a 5 part series :)


Heather James
Gardens Advisory Team | @learningdrupal

Dave Murphy July 12, 2011


Thanks for the response. I understand you were just giving an overview. Views offer a great way to display content, but can get rather complex pretty quickly. When I get more time, I need to dig in and explore the poosibilites.


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