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January 29, 2010

I created a couple of posts and for the "blog" content type I set up the alias for pathauto to point to blog/[node:title]. So when I create a post the node title turns out with [node%3Atitle] instead of the title. For example, here's a link to an actual post.[node%3Atitle] I also noticed that there are no dates in the replacement patterns for nodes. I like to have blog entries that have yyyy/mm/dd included in the path. Not always, but it's nice to have that option.

Status: Resolved


Chris Brookins January 31, 2010
Tracking as AN-12644

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

Site Factory admin February 1, 2010
Hi, You've been breaking quite a lot the past couple days! Our deepest thanks for being an awesome beta tester. We've resolved the issue with embedded pictures which were deleted, and will be pushing that live today. This bug hasn't been reported elsewhere though, and I'm not able to reproduce it. I see on your site that some aliases have been created where the placeholder was not used, but I can't make it happen on my site. I'll keep investigating, if you have any more information which may help us diagnose, we'd appreciate it. To add dates to your URLs, use the "[node:created]" token, like this: content/[node:created]/[node:title] Best, Jacob
Gábor Hojtsy February 10, 2010
Hi, I tried to reproduce this in a local test environment and on other sites as well. Even copied your URL patterns 1-1 to my settings, so if any similar looking but otherwise different characters appeared in the pattern, we could rule that out. It would be good if you could help us provide more context, so we can reproduce it. Gábor
Dave Reid February 18, 2010
I'm unable to reproduce this as well on my Drupal Garden site. I used the exact same 'blog/[node:title]' pattern that you did and a test blog entry ended up with the URL alias 'blog/test-blog-entry'. FYI I'm now a Pathauto module co-maintainer so if any other Pathauto problems pop up with Drupal Gardens, please file an issue and I'll get it fixed right away.
jam March 4, 2010
I have reproduced this on my Gardens site and we have re-opened the issue. Hopefully progress will be forthcoming! - jam -- Jeffrey A. McGuire Senior Writer, Evangelist Acquia Inc.
Dave Reid March 6, 2010
Huh, I still can't duplicate this. I tried replicating the original failure with same node title and body:
awakenedvoice March 6, 2010
I haven't done anything on my site for a little bit so I went back today to try it again and the issue seems to have corrected itself. I didn't change anything in the path auto settings but when I created this blog post,, the path came out correct.

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