Request for someone to build and design a Drupal Gardens site

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Chris Brookins
November 7, 2010

See this ad

The ad reads We're looking for someone who can help us build a number of websites using Drupal 7. Our preferred entry point is via Drupal Gardens. A knowledge of taxonomies and RDF is essential. You will be developing the websites in partnership with our staff team and part of your job will involve teaching us how to use Drupal 7 and migrating existing websites to the Drupal platform. If you have the ability to work with APIs, that would be even better.

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Susan MacPhee November 7, 2010

Thanks Chris for posting this. Since RDF built in core what would you tell a potential client the RDF benefits in Gardens? Is there anything we can do to extend core RDF capabilities in the nodes we build or does it just work? If so, how would you suggest we explain the "just works" part all while sounding incredibly smart, like you?!:)

Chris Brookins November 7, 2010

Check out these solid RDF / Sematic Web resources for Drupal 7:

And of course the Drupal RDF / Sematic Web experts are:

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

Chris Brookins November 7, 2010

Oh, and in your journey if you find we are missing something you need, let us know :)

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

Susan MacPhee November 7, 2010

Thanks Chris, I was just watching Scor's video from San Fransico too:

I appreciate your resource post and I'll be sure post any I think we need.

Cheers, Susan

linclark-deri November 8, 2010

IIRC, you cannot install additional modules on Drupal Gardens. That means that you would be limited to the default mappings in core, which are automatically output as RDFa as long as the core RDF module is enabled.

If the site were moved from Drupal Gardens at a later point, you would be able to create custom mappings for the content. These custom mappings would be implemented either by using the core RDF Mapping API in a custom module OR by using the RDF UI module which provides a user interface for creating mappings.

Good luck!

Chris Brookins November 8, 2010

Hi Lin,

We want Drupal Gardens to be a good RDFa citizen if that is possible without a lot of module bloat - maybe we need to consider adding the RDF UI module - where is that on d.o.? 

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

jeannie.finks November 9, 2010

Hi All,

Talked with Stéphane (scor) today; RDF UI exists in contrib....or

It's not ready for prime-time; estimated time frame is about a few months. When it's almost ready, he's happy to reach out to the Gardens team for feedback and suggestions should we want to consider adding this module!

Regards, Jeannie | Gardens Advisory Team

Chris Brookins November 9, 2010

Thanks - tracking internally as AN-21051

Would be good to know where this is being discussed on d.o. / contrib

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

linclark-deri November 10, 2010

It is the Drupal 7 version of (contrib) RDF on

Stéphane and I are the main people contributing to it right now, but some users are giving feedback.

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