Seperate theme images from media library images

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Mikkel Trolle Larsen
January 14, 2011


I'd like to have full access to all the images i use in a theme, including the images that are used in the template theme from DG. Also, it would be nice if theme images that you upload were seperated out from the rest of the media library, so that they don't show up there if you are writing a blog post or something.

Case in point: I "removed" a background image from a menu item, only to realize I needed it back. It was a stock image from the DG template, so I don't have access to it. Now I have to use web-developer to copy it from a different place, and upload it through the power theming interface, where it will end up in the media library.

I would also consider any banner images theme images.

Thanks :).


Status: Resolved


Doug Vann January 16, 2011


Thank you for pointing out your experiences so succinctly. We rely on faithful users like yourself to tell us where improvements can be made that will greatly enhance the Drupal Gardens experience. We track these requests and let them steer the direction of our development.
                                                        [internal tracking = AN-22589]

Thank you!

Doug Vann
Client Advisory Team

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