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August 14, 2011

Ran a page load time performance analysis for my site.  The results are unfavorable.  But I have no idea where to begin to optimize the speed of my site, which by the way doesn't have a lot of stuff on it yet. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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Bram Vanroy (not verified) August 15, 2011

There's probably a PHP max memory setting regarding your modules. This is host related and thus cannot be changed. If you are talking about a page hosted on DG itself, you might wanna clear cache and all your web browser's traces (histroy, cookies ...)

clickifm August 15, 2011


I've done the Configuration -> Performance -> Clear Cache.  It didn't help.  As for web browser's traces, I've tested the site with different computers to no avail.  The performance analyzer says there are too many objects and images, the java scripts and images are too big, etc.  All these negatives result in a very large site that takes too long to load, basically.

Where do I start for optimization? 


amos September 14, 2011

Drupal gardens seems very very slow!! Close to unusable.


busyatom October 8, 2011

I really love Drupal Gardens but Drupal Gardens seems to be very 'slow' (You can almost count 1, 2, 3... when new pages get loaded especially in Admin mode) almost all the time.  I don't have any scientifically measured data about the speed performance but my body can FEEL the slowness - which usally means 'the site is slow' to me and my users.

I am sure things can be better by tweaking here and there incluing brower choices, but basically I still FEEL that Drupal Gardens is slower compared to other similar services.

Then why do I use Drupal Gardens for my site even if I feel that it is slow?  I use drupal gardens becuase I can focus more on contents and utelize all the intelligences of drupal and its modules without having to worry about installation, updates, and so on.

Because of Drupal's 'goodness', I can somewhat forgive 'slowness' of Drupal Gardens but I wonder how long my users can bear with my slow site. 

The intelligence is important and I think the speed will make the intelligence really shiny in right place to right people.

I hope DG last forever and speedy.


jeannie.finks October 11, 2011

Hi Folks,

We are actively looking at the performance issues people have reported here. Thank you for detailed reports. An internal ticket has been filed with our engineers tracked as DG-504 to take a deeper dive.

If others are experiencing similar issues, they can add their comments below. We will follow up once we have some more understanding and can take the appropriate measures as needed.

Regards, Jeannie | Gardens Advisory Team

frvz October 17, 2011

My site is also very very slow!! It is almost new, so not much data on it.

It is not possible to work in a quite "normal" way ....


I am situated in Germany/Europe. It doesn't seem to make any difference while using Chrome or Firefox.




mulschm October 21, 2011

Same here.,



Fay Furness December 2, 2011

Our site is also painfully slow, especially in the administration mode.

I look forward to hearing from you as to how we might optimise our page-loading times.

stacywray December 2, 2011

Hi Fay,

We're in a maintenance period at the moment which may be affecting the performance of the site. Please check back in a few hours - if the slowness persists we will look into it further.

I did notice on your site that you have a theme update available. If you go into Design, you will see "New Theme Update" in the upper right tab. Updating the theme may solve some of the performance issues.

Please keep us posted. Thanks!


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

tomdeneckere December 9, 2011



Same problem here.

Logging in, creating new content, loading the settings page, etc. all take very long from time to time. It's hard to find any logic behind it.

Sometimes it takes as long as 20 or 30 seconds to completely load the page, regardless of the browser, of the browser's cache being emptied or not, of wifi connection being good or bad (which can be tested by comparing with the loading time for other sites).

Actually it's not so much 'loading the page' that takes so long; what takes very long is 'contacting the server'.

Thank you for looking into this.



stacywray December 9, 2011

Hi Tom,

What's the URL of the site you are experiencing the slowness on?

I just want to hop in and take a look. Thanks!


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

tomdeneckere December 9, 2011

Right now, I am referring to

Thanks for looking into this issue.


stacywray December 10, 2011

Hi Tom,

I noticed that you have a new theme update available which I would suggest previewing and saving. Just go to Appearance and launch ThemeBuilder where you will see the "Preview theme update" notice in the upper right corner. Updating the theme may take care of the performance issues you are experiencing.

Other than that, the site seems to be very zippy from my end.

I've logged into your site using OSX, Windows XP, and Windows 7 - testing out the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8 and IE9 - the peformance, from my end, seems very good although a bit slower with IE.

We have not had any recent complaints from other DG users regarding performance issues, but please keep us posted, and make sure to preview and save any future theme updates.



Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

Foldedstory December 14, 2011

I was experiencing very slow load of the homepage and slightly faster load times on internal pages. It seems that clearing the cache under Config > Performance has made a big difference.

I've made a note of the theme update mentioned above, and I'm always interested in other tips for improving performance.

helenajp1978 December 19, 2011

HI there

I've been experiencing very slow loading speeds with my DG site - I have received complaints from customers.

I have done the update and also cleared my cache following comments on here but still seems slow, it's even slower in admin mode.

Can you shed some light on this? I am a paid site (professional) and am quite concerned over this slowness.

It is affecting my business sales.

I look forward to hearing.


Site affected:

Chris Brookins December 19, 2011

Interesting, looks like the performance issue is resolved.  Let us know what you see.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

helenajp1978 December 19, 2011

Hi there

I'm still getting major delays. SOmetimes it's worse than others but it just took over 1 minute for a page to load.

I don't know if this is because I am outside of the US or if there are problems with your servers etc but it is proving to be a major problem and customers are complaining.

I have enabled block caching and limited the life of the cache to 5 mins.

Is there anything else I can do to increase performance aside from move to a UK hosting company?

Do you have any explanations as to the slowness - there seem to be alot of people on here complaining about the same thing

Thanks alot


stacywray December 19, 2011

Hi Helena,

Our engineers are indeed doing some work on the particular cluster of servers your site resides on (tangle 006).

We just let them know your site is experiencing performance-related issues and they are investigating. Thanks for your patience!


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

helenajp1978 December 19, 2011

Hi Stacy

Thanks for your reply. I really hope that this is something that can be resolved as I would really like to stay with DG long term. 

Would appreciate an update in due course when you have one. 

Many thanks


bryanhirsch December 20, 2011


Hi Helena,

Your site should be back to normal now. Sorry for any inconvenience. 



Bryan Hirsch

Engineer, Drupal Gardens

pornifiedseries February 2, 2012

I have just opened a new DG account, and am having the same problem.

I have added only a few basic pages and already the site is taking 20+ seconds to load on every page, over a fairly stable wired connection. It is completely unusable at this speed; I will have to abandon DG hosting if this isn't resolved. Shame, because the admin interface is so nice.



Chris Brookins February 2, 2012

pornifiedseries, that is abnormal - what is the site URL and where are you located?  We want to look into it.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

pornifiedseries February 2, 2012

Hi Chris, 

URL is 

I'm based in NL so decent connection; be good to know if site load speed is different on other networks tho


penntim1982 February 3, 2012

I am experiencing the same issues here in the UK, I started work on a site yesterday, and ive managed to do a couple of things to customise it, but this morning loading things like the appearance tab to carry on making changes is taking a good 5-10mins. Saving changes I make, trying to access things like backgrounds to change, accing the admin panel and other general stuff is the same. So far ive been here an hour or more and 90% of it has been watching the spinning wheel waiting for things to load. 

Any help you can give me would be fantastic

URL is




edit: When things do time out this is the error im shown, on a white screen...I will probably go and do something else then come back later! 




Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Chris Brookins February 3, 2012

We discovered one of our clusters recently became overburdened and we are adding additional hardware to mitigate the issue - should be resolved shortly.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

penntim1982 February 3, 2012

Thanks for the update Chris. Good news that an issue has been found, cant wait to see what its like at normal speeds!



ddrobinson February 3, 2012

Good to hear Chris, as I was just about to add to the chorus of complaints about this.

Chris Brookins February 3, 2012

We added servers, and things should be much better - however we see that there is more we can do to move some sites off of a crowded DB server and into less crowded servers.  We are working towards a resolution for that as well in the coming days.

In the meanwhile let us know if you experience any more severe performance issues.

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

tdelthy February 4, 2012



i'm a new french user. My job is responsible IT.

In my entreprise we've create a new site with th CMS drupal and  yesterday i thonk thar try a DG experience will complete my kwonledge. But it's so slow that for the moment it's not possible to work with your solution anymore. Can you tell me if you'll be able to find a solution?



Chris Brookins February 4, 2012

tdelthy, can you provide your site URL that is slow so we can investigate?

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

tdelthy February 4, 2012

Hi chris,

Thanks for your quickely response,

My site Url site is :



Chris Brookins February 4, 2012

Hi tdelthy,

I looked at your site and it doesn't appear slow from at least Boston.  Can you give me some example operations that are slow for you and what response times you are seeing?  Also I noticed that site was created on a busy day - can you try creating a new free site and let us know if it performs better for you?

- Chris

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

tdelthy February 5, 2012

Hi Chris,

Boston what a lucky man you are to leave in Boston !! So nevermind i've create a newe site and it's working fine. Maybe the first sit i was created was created on a busy period on your network ?

I'll try the started version for few week and after that mayb i'll upgrade


Thank you for your helpfull,

Have a good time.



From Paris, Thierry

bahman.zakeri February 6, 2012

When trying to access the website sometimes we get the error plus that is incredible slow

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Jakob Fylkner February 6, 2012

Hi, I'm building a drupal garden site at - the service is so slow it is almost impossible to work with it, when you switch from structure to configuration etc, you wonder if the site work at all. Could you please check my domain and see if you have any clues what I can do to get some traction speed-wise?


Best, Jens


stacywray February 6, 2012

Hi all,

Thank you for letting us know about your site's slow performance.

We are experiencing ongoing performance issues for a certain subset of sites as addressed today in this Important Announcement.

Please refer to the Important Announcements forum for further status updates regarding this problem that we're continuing to investigate.

Thanks very much.


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

kerrywoodler February 11, 2012

Slow speed makes this unusable in Portland, Oregon.

Kitchen Cabinet

Prominent Alumni February 12, 2012

Hi, I'm having the same problem, when I'm editing my site the slow speed makes it almost impossible, I hope you can help me, last week editing was faster but today and the days before editing has been very difficult because of the slow speed.

Chris Brookins February 13, 2012

drencamren and teotkqmb, can you let us know what your site URLs are so we can check into the issues you are experiencing?

Chris Brookins
VP Engineering, Acquia - blog - twitter -

vivaconsult February 13, 2012

I am experiencing the same slow speed -

Natalie Wilkins

Owner, Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Viva | Coaching & Consulting


Prominent Alumni February 13, 2012

Hi Chris Brookins

my site is

CarolClark February 28, 2012

Deadly unusably slow for administration at

I am scared to death I have made a giant mistake using drupal gardens.

stacywray February 28, 2012

Hi CarolClark,

I just accessed your site as an anonymous user and as an admin - performance seemed very good to me in Firefox 10.0.2 and in Chrome 17.0.963.46.

One thing I would suggest though is minimizing the number of saved themes that you have in Admin > Appearance > Themes. You have around 12 themes and that will compromise performance time since ThemeBuilder must load all 12 of those complete themes on your site. My suggestion would be to go in and delete some of the older saved versions that you know you'll no longer need.

May I ask where you are located? Until we have CDN (Content Delivery Network) in place, performance will be a bit slower outside of the US.

Let us know if you're still experiencing issues and we can dig deeper; however, all seemed fine from this end.

Thanks very much.


Best  regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

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