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February 28, 2013

I noticed that the other post "FB Connect" post is closed, but I really feel this is a big deal with the gardens platform.  I've been able to work through most of the other restrictions that we have on gardens, but this one is actually hindering the success of our website.  Here is why:  

My gardens site is for an Etsy team with 5600+ members, yet only 250 have successfully registered on website.  Many have asked why they can't login in with facebook, twitter, google, etc. because the last thing they want is another username and password to keep track of.  Honestly, I don't blame them.  

Of those who have attempted to register, many have run into the registration problems documented here on the forums.  Some of them have managed to get through the workaround like clearing cookies etc.  Most are not going to deal with that.

I have a paid subscription plan that is up for renewal in May and would like to know if there is ANY chance gardens would have a social connect module by then?  Otherwise, I'll need to start preparing for the recommendation I know is coming :(

Status: Resolved


stacywray February 28, 2013

Hi recycleparty,

Thanks very much for your feedback here.

Currently, there are no plans to integrate the Janrain feature into the Gardens platform for small and medium businesses.

Jainrain is a feature only available to our Gardens Enterprise customers.

If you chose to export your site and self-host on a regular Drupal 7 installation, you would have the flexibility to manage your own Janrain Engage subscription.

We would hate to lose you in the Gardens Community, but respect that you need to manage the success of your team.


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

stacywray March 13, 2013

Hi there,

I am going to go ahead and close out this post since this issue has been addressed.

Thanks very much.


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

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