Struggling with my navigation menu

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February 27, 2011

My main navigation includes a drop down menu, hover state on each menu item, and active state using only colors.  I tried adding a repeating background image to the main navigation bar, but since then, things have spiraled out of control and I can't figure out how to get back.

Now, when I hover on a menu item, the item has an image hover state, but the entire navigation bar also changes to a color.  Is there a way to simplify the CSS, perhaps using Advanced, and override all of this?

Also, is there a way to delete the background image I uploaded to the server?

Thank you!

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George Cassie February 27, 2011

Hi egilbertsen,

The drop-down menus aren't causing the navigation to change color for me when I visit the site in either Firefox or Chrome. Were you able to fix this since your post? If not, which browser are you working in?

George Cassie
Gardens Advisory Team

egilbertsen March 6, 2011

Hi George,

I was able to fix this by uploading CSS in the Advanced tab.  I'd be interested to know how to upload separate background images for the main navigation and the drop down menu, since the heights are different.  I'll search the help area, but if you know of a resource, send it my way.  Thanks!

- Eric

P.S. I have the advantage of working at a digital shop with a bunch of Drupal developers, so I can tap into their expertise as well.

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