User avatar not displaying in site, A block that leads me to an error page, and widening the column in the blog and other pages!

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December 16, 2011

So the first problem is the my user avatar is not displaying on my site, I have it set up since I can see it on the drupal gardens forum but still it does not appear on my site. Example of no avatar showing:

Secondly I have a block on my site that can not be removed here is a link to an image the problem area is in a red box: When I try to remove that block I get directed to an error page.

Thirdly I have another forum post asking how can I make the blog wider from what it currently is ( to look more like this I am planning on moving my podcast to Drupal gardens and currently I am experimenting with the platform. BUt I feel I should mention how disapointed I am in this forum, it appeas to have ery little activity. If you went to the first link you will notice that the inage is cut off because the blog content area is too narrow. Even the comment and subject box looked squeezed in.

Thank you very much,

Ben Archuleta

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Dave Murphy December 17, 2011


Not sure about the avatar. Where do you feel it should be? In comments to the top link you provided? If so, there aren't any comments on that page.

That block in the right sidebar is labeled as a media gallery block. Just to make sure, go to Structure > Blocks and see if there are any blocks in sidebar-b that are enabled that you don't want to be displayed.

To accomodate for the Twitter widget in sidebar-a, a width of 200 pixels for the sidebars is needed. You can change the sidebar widths by adding Custom CSS in the Themebuilder. It would be:

#sidebar-a, #sidebar-b { width: 200px; }

That will leave about 487px for the main center content as I measured it. To have more room in the main content area, you can change the layout for each page. Possibly the blog pages would only utilize one sidebar. This can be changed in the Themebuilder.

Lastly, it's helpful to start a new thread for each issue you have. It's easier for tracking progress of the issues and marking the ones that are resolved as such. 

Hope that helps some.



technologic December 17, 2011

With regards to the avatar issue I fugured out that it had to do with page cacheing.

So I take it that there is no way to make the center column wide while keeping the side bars a fixed width.

I still have a think that can't be removed because it leads me to a error page. you can see this weird block on the bottom (really bottom) right of this page it says no content avalible:

Dave Murphy December 17, 2011

As far as the errors go, someone from the Acquia engineering team may have to take a look at that issue.

All the content (sidebars and main) are contained within 960px. This is a good width for the vast majority of users and it works well with desktops and laptops. 

The widths can be changed, but you'll end up having to deal with alignment issues between the main content and the header and so forth. 

I suggest  these tools to properly select the containers and to experiment with the styling.


Web Developer Tool

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stacywray December 17, 2011

Hi technologic,

Regarding the error message in sidebar b of your /contact page, this is a persistent bug that we've been dealing with that often occurs when a media gallery block has been deleted or removed including the sample gallery blocks.

I have escalated your case as a high-priority bug to our engineering team, tracking internally at DG-2039.

This is an errant block that can only be removed by our engineering team. We'll be sure to post an update here when we have more news on this issue.

As Dave said above, it is always a good idea to create separate posts for each problem you're experiencing as it helps us very much with bug tracking and organization.

Thanks very much for your patience!


Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

stacywray December 18, 2011

Hi technologic,

Our engineers successfully removed the errant media gallery block from your /contact page, and I verified that the message no longer appears on your site.

I am going to go ahead and mark this issue as Resolved, but please don't hesitate to reopen the post should the problem reappear.



Best regards,

Stacy Wray | Acquia Senior Support Engineer

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