What do Band Aid, Glee and Drupal Gardens have in common?

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Submitted by Bryan House on December 14, 2011 - 4:46pm

Acquia partner, Deeson Online has created many web sites for musicians and artists using Drupal, so they weren’t phased by the request from a music industry executive to help create a site to promote donations to The Band Aid Charitable Trust.

The site www.bandaid.org.uk will be advertised at the end of an upcoming special Christmas episode of Glee to be aired in the UK on December 15.

As Tim Deeson, Director of Deeson Online explains: “Band Aid does a fantastic job raising funds to tackle poverty in the third world and the upcoming special episode of Glee will hopefully encourage viewers to give generously!”

The site was designed and assembled by Deeson Online on a pro-bono basis in partnership with Acquia, who provide the Drupal Gardens account. It was developed specifically for the special Christmas episode of Glee, which will air on Sky 1 on December 15, with a repeat episode on Sky 2, December 16.

“Drupal Gardens is an ideal platform to create good looking and scalable campaign sites quickly,” said Tim Deeson.

Don’t forget donations to Band Aid can be made via www.bandaid.org.uk!