Customizing comments and sorting

You can sort comments per content type, customize commenting labels, and configure the comment form to allow YouTube-like social commenting.

A Sort order field is available on all content types so you can specify how you want comments sorted. In a non-threaded list, if you sort by 'newer first', the comment appears at the top of the entire list. In a threaded list, sorting by 'newer first' positions the comment at the top of its context within the comment the user replied to.

The Comment section and New comment form labels allow you to customize what you want those labels to be. In addition, when comments are listed from newer first, the comment form appears at the top of the list. If listed from older first, the comment form appears at the bottom, keeping the form closest to the last comment and making it a better experience for your visitors. To learn more about enabling comments, see Comments.

The following screenshot shows how you can significantly customize the appearance of comments using the ThemeBuilder and change sorting and comment labels.


Configuring comment settings

  1. Go to Structure > Content Types.
  2. Find the content type that you want to edit (such as Blog entry) or create a new one.
  3. Click the edit link for your selected content type.
  4. Select the Comment settings vertical tab to customize comments for the content type.

    Comment settings vertical tab

  5. Modify the comment settings to meet your needs.
    • Use the Sort order drop-down menu to display the newest comments at the top or bottom of the list of comments for a content item.
    • Enter the text for the Comment section and New comment form labels.
  6. Click Save content type.