Embedding media into your site

Enhance your site with unique experiences by embedding audio, videos, images, rich media, and article previews. Use the following steps to easily paste the URL for the item you want to embed. For an example of what your site pages can look like with embedded sources from a variety of providers, view this sample of embedded media.

Note: Embedded videos are not resized to fit your website's layout, but instead use the default display size for video media files on your website. You can configure video media file settings by going to Configuration > Media types, and then clicking the Video type's manage file display link. The default video display settings affect all embedded videos on your website.

The best practice to use if you require an embedded video to be a particular size is to set its size in the video hosting service itself, and then use the service's provided link to display the embedded video at the required size.

To embed a link into your site:

  1. Edit the page or block where you want to add your embedded link.
  2. In the Body section, click the Add Media link.
  3. Click the Embed from URL tab.


  4. Copy the URL for the media you want to embed to your clipboard. For example, if you have an audio clip from soundcloud.com, a video from vimeo.com, or an image from flickr.com, right-click the media and copy its URL to your clipboard.
  5. Paste the media's URL into the URL field.
  6. Click Submit, and if prompted for a format, select it and click Submit again.

    You will see a thumbnail for the embedded media in your WYSIWYG editor. Note that this will not show a working audio or video player until the next step.

  7. Click Submit.

You can also add content into the Media Gallery in much the same manner.