The About feature creates an "About us" page that includes sample text and an embedded Google map. The page also includes instructions regarding how to configure the map to display the location of your choice.

Site visitors can view the "About us" page by selecting About from the main site navigation, or by visiting http://[site_URL]/about-us, where [site_URL] is the URL of your Drupal Gardens website.

To customize any aspect of the page, including its content, text, and menu links, click the page's edit tab. Use the page that appears to update the "About us" page to include your information.

Enabling this feature

To enable this feature as you create your Drupal Gardens website, drag the slider for About to On on the Choose a template page.

About feature

If you enable the feature from the Choose a template page, Drupal Gardens makes the following changes to your website:

  • Creates a basic "About us" page.
  • Redirects the basic "About us" page to http://[site_URL]/about-us.

Adding "About" to the menu

While enabling the About feature creates a template "About us" page that you can edit, to make it easier for your users to view, you can add it to your website's navigation menu.

To add an "About" link to your "About us" page:

  1. Go to Structure > Menus.
  2. Click the edit menu link for the Main menu entry.
  3. Click the Add link link.
  4. Enter About for the Menu link title, and about-us for the Path.
  5. Click Save.