Use the News feature to share the latest news about you and your activities with your site visitors. The news items are collected on a page.

Your news page is included in the main site navigation as "News" and is located at the URL /news (http://[site_URL]/news).

Enabling this feature

To enable this feature as you create your Drupal Gardens website, drag the slider for News to On on the Choose a template page.

News feature

If you enable the feature from the Choose a template page, Drupal Gardens makes the following changes to your website:

  • Creates a News item content type.
  • Creates a news page at http://[site_URL]/news.
  • Adds "News" to the website navigation menu, which links to the news page.
  • Creates two sample news items.

Adding news items

Your site has a "News item" content type.

  1. In the shortcut bar, click Find content.
  2. If you enabled the News feature when you created your website, click delete for each sample news item to get rid of them and make room for your own news items.
  3. To add your news items, in the shortcut bar, click Add content, and then click the News item link.
  4. Enter the values for the following fields:
    • Title - The title of these content items will be displayed on the news page.
    • Body - Add your news story here. For information on how to add images to your news item, see "Add an image to your content" in the "Add content basic" tutorial.
  5. Be sure to leave the Text format as "Safe HTML" unless you need other markup.
  6. You do not need to change any of the values in the vertical tabs at the bottom of the page. The default settings have been designed with the purpose of this content type in mind. Changing some of these could also have unexpected or undesired results. See the content type settings overview for more information.

News display - Simple view

By default, news items are collected on a page created by a Simple view. You can see this view by going to Structure > Simple views, then clicking the News simple view's edit link.

  • News page - All published items of the "News item" content type will be displayed as teasers, 10 per page, newest first on the News page at the URL /news (

For a full explanation of the Simple view settings, see the Simple views help page.

News Simple View

Creating a news block

To create a news block that you can use to display news items on another page:

  1. Click "expose block" on the news simple view page.
  2. Select "Show: 5 items in block" and "As a: List of titles".
  3. Click "Submit".
  4. Enable the Simple view's block by placing it in a theme region. Configure as needed.