Social sharing

The Social sharing feature allows your users to share their favorite posts from your site with their social web accounts by clicking a "share" link provided by


Enabling this feature

To enable this feature as you create your Drupal Gardens website, drag the slider for Social sharing to On on the Choose a template page.

Social sharing feature

If you enable the feature from the Choose a template page, Drupal Gardens enables the AddThis module on your website.

Configuring the AddThis widget

To configure the AddThis sharing widget for your website's content:

  1. Join - You need to register a user account with to use this feature.
  2. Go to the AddThis configuration page at Configuration > AddThis

    Configuration - AddThis arrow_0.png

  3. Configure the AddThis widget.
    • General Settings
      • Add your AddThis username.
      • Display - Select whether you want the AddThis widget displayed on full content display, teasers, or both.
    • Button image settings
      • These don't normally need to be changed.
    • Widget settings
      • Disable dropdown - Changes the dropdown to a popup menu.
      • Logo URL - Add the URL to your own logo. This should be an image roughly 200 x 50 pixels.
      • Logo background & text colors - Set these to match your site's theme.
      • Brand text - The name displayed in the top right corner of the dropdown menu. If you leave this blank, the widget uses your site's name (set at Configuration > Site information under "Site name").
      • Options - Which social web services to display by default. A selection of services is listed on the configuration page, under this text field. An up-to-date list of the available services can be found at:
      • Offset (vertical and horizontal) - Set the position of the widget's dropdown menu.
      • Disable Flash cookie - Disable this if you prefer to use a standard cookie.
      • Widget version - Choose from a popup or a lightbox to display the "more" option.
  4. Click "Save configuration" - Your widget will now be displayed on your posts.

Hide or display AddThis widgets on specific content types

To display (or hide) the AddThis widget on any given content type:

  1. Go to Structure > Content types.
  2. Find the content type that you want to change, and then click its edit link.
  3. In the Addthis settings vertical tab, select or clear the Show AddThis button on this type of node check box.


  4. Click Save content type.