Maintenance mode

As soon as you create your Drupal Gardens website, by default your website is visible to site visitors and search engines. Any and all changes you make to your website are visible online unless you enable maintenance mode.

Best practices are to keep your website offline until you're ready to launch your website. When you need to keep your website private and offline for non-authorized visitors before it's ready to launch, or later when you add new features or make other changes, use Drupal’s maintenance mode.

Enabling maintenance mode

To enable maintenance mode for your website:

  1. Go to Configuration > Maintenance mode.
  2. Select the Put site into maintenance mode check box.
  3. Edit the Maintenance mode message that Drupal Gardens displays to site visitors while your website is offline.
  4. Click Save configuration.

Your website displays the maintenance mode message for all site visitors, including anonymous site visitors and search engines.

Signing in when maintenance mode is enabled

While in maintenance mode, the site maintainer (the user who created the website) and any other users with the Administrator user role and/or the Use the site in maintenance mode permission can still access and modify your website as usual.

Maintenance mode hides a website's default sign-in block. To sign in to your website, go to http://[site_URL]/user to view a sign-in page.

After you either sign in as the site maintainer or as an account with the maintenance mode permission, you can access your website normally.

Disabling maintenance mode

To allow all site visitors access to your website, clear the Put site into maintenance mode check box on the Maintenance mode page, and then click Save configuration.

Providing access to other users

To give non-administrator users access to your website without giving them full access of the Administrator role (for example, site designers or content creators):

  1. Create a new user role (such as site tester, themer, or author).
  2. Assign permissions to the role as needed, including the Use the site in maintenance mode permission.
  3. Add the new role to the appropriate user accounts by editing their profile page.

For more information about creating roles and assigning permissions, see Roles and Permissions.