Rebuilding content access permissions

Restricting access to site content: Professional subscription plan or higher

After you enable the Taxonomy Access Control module, each content node on your website has permissions that control how different user roles can interact with it. These content access permissions are stored in a database table, and are used whenever users view, edit, or create content.

Certain administrative actions can require you to rebuild your website's content node permissions, including:

If the content access permissions need to be rebuilt, Drupal Gardens displays the message, "The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. Rebuild permissions." on each webpage visited by users with the Use administration pages and help permission.

Rebuild permissions link

To rebuild the content access permissions, click the Rebuild permissions link in the warning message, and then click Rebuild permissions on the confirmation page.

Drupal Gardens deletes the entire content access permissions database table for your website, and then recreates the database table based on your website's current content and assigned permissions.

Performance issues

Because the process of rebuilding content access permissions deletes the entire access table, site visitors may experience issues if they view your website during the rebuild process.

  • Websites with large amounts of content nodes or high traffic can display more slowly due to database requests accumulating as the permissions database table is rebuilt.
  • If site visitors attempt to view a content node whose content access permissions have not yet been rebuilt, the content node will display a 403 Access denied page. For information about configuring your website's custom error pages, including 403 Access denied, see Site information.

    After the content node's permissions are rebuilt, the content node is accessible to site visitors.

If you defer rebuilding your website's content access permissions, users will continue to use the existing access permissions table, which could cause content to be visible to users or roles that should no longer have access to that content.