Site reset and deletion

If you're the site owner of a Drupal Gardens website, you can completely delete your website from Drupal Gardens. This can be useful if you:

  • No longer need your website.
  • Need a fresh start.
  • Selected the wrong website template.
  • Need a clean slate for any other reason.

Before you delete your website

Be aware of the following:

  • After your website is deleted, its Drupal Gardens URL is made available to anyone. To reclaim it, create a new site using the same website name immediately.
  • Deleting your website does not delete your Drupal Gardens user account, or those of your site's users from the central user registry. For information about deleting your account, see Deleting your account.
  • If you have a paid subscription you cannot delete your site until your subscription is downgraded to a Starter site.

    File a support ticket to downgrade your website. After your website has a Starter status, you can delete your website.

  • Site deletion is permanent, and includes deleting your website's data. Deleted Drupal Gardens websites cannot be restored by you or Drupal Gardens Support.

    We encourage you to save a copy of your website before you delete it.

  • Instead of permanently deleting your website, you can take your site temporarily offline.

Video: Website deletion

Deleting your website

To permanently remove your website from Drupal Gardens:

  1. Log in to Drupal Gardens using the owner account credentials of the website you want to delete.
  2. In the admin bar, click the My sites link to open your Site manager page.

    My sites link

  3. Find the website that you want to delete, and then expand its More menu of options.

    Owned websites list

    Note: The Site manager page also lists "member" websites that you've logged in to or tried to log in to in the past. Because you're not the site owner for these websites, you cannot delete them.

  4. Select Delete site from the More menu.
  5. Click Delete site on the confirmation page.
  6. Check your email for a message from Drupal Gardens that contains a website deletion confirmation link.
  7. Follow the confirmation link in the email to direct Drupal Gardens to actually delete your website.

Note: Until you follow the link in the deletion confirmation email, your website continues to exist on Drupal Gardens.

Reclaiming your domain name

If you want to keep your Drupal Gardens domain (, immediately create a new site to prevent anyone else from using it.