Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing & billing

Please see our Pricing page to see pricing for the Drupal Gardens subscription plans. All pricing is per site.

Each subscription that you purchase applies to a single Drupal Gardens website.

For example, if you have and and you want them both to have a Basic subscription, you would need to purchase two Basic subscriptions — one for each website.

Log in to Drupal Gardens, and then click the My sites link in the admin menu.

My sites link

On the Site manager page, click the Upgrade link for the site that needs a subscription.

Upgrade link

If your site is using a Basic subscription or higher you can assign up to five of your own custom domains to your website. To assign more than one custom domain to your website (up to the maximum of five custom domains), just make a request to Drupal Gardens support.

For information about adding custom domains to your website, see Adding custom domains to your site.

You can view your past bills and invoices on your Drupal Gardens user account page. To view step-by-step instructions on how to access this information and see videos that demonstrate how to access your bills and invoices, see Managing billing information.

You can pay for your Drupal Gardens sites with a major credit card.

You can pay for your site on a monthly basis and your credit card will be charged at the beginning of every month. You can also pay for your site a year in advance.

Yes, you'll be charged every month for monthly subscriptions and at the beginning of every year for yearly subscriptions. As long as your credit card is current and valid, you don't need to act in order for your subscription to renew. If your credit card is near its expiration date, you'll get an email reminding you to update it.

When the pricing takes effect, you can upgrade your site to a higher subscription plan at any time. If you upgrade in the middle of your monthly or annual term, you will be charged at a prorated amount of the higher plan for the remainder of the term. Visit your My Sites page and click Upgrade to start the upgrade process.

You can change your billing information by signing in to Drupal Gardens and clicking your username in the admin bar.

For more information about editing your billing information, see Managing billing information.

The Unlimited plan gives you a site without limits on your storage or bandwidth, as long as you don't use your Drupal Gardens site as a file server.

When you reach your website's subscription limit for site members, your users will see a message telling them that the site administrator must approve their registration before they can join. The user appears on your People page as a blocked user. After you upgrade your subscription to have a higher member limit, you can unblock any users that tried to join.

When you reach your website's subscription limit for webform responses, your site visitors will be able to submit new webform responses, but you won't be able to see the responses until you upgrade to a higher subscription.

Yes, you can cancel both monthly and annual subscriptions, but we do not offer refunds for any time which remains after your cancellation request is processed. After you cancel your subscription, your website is downgraded to a Starter site.

For step-by-step procedures to cancel your subscription, see Subscriptions.

All sites in a single Gardens account are billed to the credit card on file. If you want to use different credit cards for each of your sites, either create a new account for each site or transfer site ownership  to another existing account.

Yes, and you can do it yourself as long as your Drupal Gardens website is a Starter site.

If you're paying for a Basic or greater Drupal Gardens website, you'll need to contact Support to transfer the website for you and verify billing information.

For more information, see Site ownership transfer.

Since all sites in a single Gardens account are billed to the credit card on file, you have to either create a new account for each site or transfer site ownership to another existing account.

If you can't find the information that you need in this FAQ, go to the Pricing and billing question form to send us your questions.